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God and American Society

The United States of America was founded with the recognition that God exists, period.

The idea of Inalienable Rights, which are given to us by God Almighty, the Operant Power of this universe, is the very reason for the creation of our country.  Without a recognition that there is a God who created us, we deny the very basis for our country's existence.

God came first; God created man, then woman; God bestowed us with inalienable rights.  And that is what The United States of America was founded on.  It is also The People's right to exercise their freedom of religion, under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Which is why we must Bring Prayer Back into Schools. 

Prayer is our communication with God.  It enables us to have our link with The Creator.  When prayer is removed from schools (and society), we lose our sense of Right and Wrong; and begin to entertain immoral debasing ideas.  When prayer is taken out of schools, it creates a vacuum that is filled by confusing ideas on gender and sexuality.

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